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Assembly Applications

Retaining plate for window lifter motor

This example shows a station for placing 6 x M5 blind threaded inserts for different applications, including process monitoring of part and insert presence and insert placed diagnostic. Protection cover with integrated clamping device and riveting release. Inductive sensor identifies if it is a right or left component. Process diagnostics check if an insert is present and was installed.


Automotive axle cross

Riveting process monitored Autosert® with automatic release function. The operation is carried out via touch panel. Several component variations can be riveted on the same machine. Quality improvement was achieved.

Car seat

Four Autosert® workstations with blow feed system, modular head, stockline indicator and bulk container, place 4 x Hexsert® inserts per unit in a cycle time of 30 seconds. A total of 7,200 Hexsert® inserts are placed in 1,800 units per day.


The assembly of this dashboard mounting beam, a hydroformed tube with 29 lasered hex holes, is fully automated with robots. Four Autosert® workstations with blow feed systems and modular heads place 29 x M6 and M8 Hexsert® inserts per part in a cycle time of 95 seconds.