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A broad range of value-added services

Our broad range of value-added services can help you:

  • Reduce assembly line problems
  • Identify potential problems in the assembly or performance of your products
  • Enhance the reliability and quality of your products
  • Expand your design and engineering resources
  • Eliminate extraneous procurement activities
  • Increase the efficiency of your production processes
  • Reduce your design, purchasing and manufacturing costs
  • Speed up time to market of new products
  • Focus on core competencies
  • Support your global operations

Business Services

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
EDI is used to receive and transmit orders, releases and advanced shipping notices, to increase efficiency in your procurement process.


Fastener Consolidations
Our review of your existing part numbers can result in recommendations for consolidating similar parts. This in turn allows larger volume purchases, which will reduce fastening costs.


Customer Service Representatives
Each customer is assigned a dedicated and knowledgeable service representative to answer inquiries on order status, shipping schedules and more.


Custom Bagging & Packaging
Class 100 Clean Room services and double-bagging of fasteners can help reduce contamination. Returnable container programs reduce packaging costs, material waste and fibre contamination.

Technical Services

Product Teardowns
Our application engineers can completely disassemble and analyze your product in order to evaluate joint design and identify possible cost savings from fastener consolidation and/or improved assembly methods.

Fastener Engineering & Testing Laboratory
Our state-of-the-art testing facility can analyze everything from your fasteners to your entire assembly. Portable equipment is available for use on your assembly line

Design, Applications Engineering and Assembly Surveys
Simultaneous engineering, analysis and hands-on testing are used to examine materials, assembly conditions and joint design, in order to identify your optimal fastening solution and increase the reliability of your product.

Metallurgical Laboratory
Our A2LA-accredited lab provides raw material evaluation, chemical analysis and failure analysis in order to identify and resolve potential problems.

Fastener Training Seminars
Our engineers will provide technical training at your facility on a number of fastening issues, including bolted joint behaviour, manufacturing processes, and product selection.

Fastener Prototypes and Samples
We offer a variety of in-stock fasteners for your use during product design. In addition, we can often manufacture special fasteners or components in small quantities to assist your prototype design efforts.

Supply Chain Management Services

Global Warehousing and Distribution

With global warehousing and distribution located in 3 continents we can offer we can store your fasteners close to your manufacturing operations until you need them, to reduce your inventory and material handling activities. We can also deliver on Just In Time basis to meet your requirements and utilise bar coding to speed your receiving process and improve inventory control.


Global Footprint

As part of Avdel®, a multi-national engineering, sales and manufacturing company, we can provide solutions to all your fastening needs through our global blind products business. If your requirements do not fall into the Avdel® product portfolio we can support through our parent company Infastech™. The Infastech™ product range includes cold formed components and threaded fasteners.