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Assembly Applications

Air cargo equipment

The shoulders and corner stiffenings of this air cargo transportation pallet are joined with Fastriv® countersunk pierce rivets. Due to the large dimensions of the pallet, the C-frame is supported on a gantry system.

All rivet positions are manually driven. A hopper system feeds the rivets automatically. The elimination of drilled holes and automatic feeding of rivets have reduced cycle times significantly.


Construction components

Steel lintels up to 2 meters long are assembled on a customized 2-head riveting machine. The placement of the rivets is staggered left and right at a distance of 30 cm (11.81"). At the ends of the lintels, rivets are placed parallel to each other. Twin bowl feeders allow the system to be fully automated, resulting in increased productivity.


These heavy-duty lintels can carry loads up to 45 kN (10,000 lbs). The Fastriv® pierce rivet system produces the high strength joints required for this critical application and does not damage the coated sheets.

Automotive space frame

This space frame is assembled with Fastriv® pierce rivets and a lightweight C-frame. This C-frame has a throat depth of 850 mm (30") and can be manipulated with a robot due to its low weight of 140 kg (310 lbs). This C-frame is used for all rivet positions.

Traffic/street signs

This compact Portariv® system features a C-frame with a throat depth of 600 mm and can assemble signs of various sizes and with different numbers of Fastriv® joints. To get a flat surface, Fastriv® self-piercing rivets with countersunk are used because after assembly the signs are laminated with foil. Key benefits are cost and time saving due to elimination of drill/punch and screwing operations.