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Product Selection Guides

These selector guides (Acrobat files) are designed to help show you which fasteners may be the most suitable for your application. An Applications Engineer is available to answer any questions you may have. These guides do not include the full range of POP Avdel products and for more information on specialist products please see the appropriate brochure or our website. Our design department is able to create variations on all our products to suit your individual needs quickly and efficiently.

Which Guide to Use?

Non-structural and Structural Breakstem Systems = this guide contains a selection of breakstem rivets suited for a wide range of general engineering applications as well as for highly stressed or dynamically loaded applications.
>>> Selection Guide POP Avdel Breakstem Systems


Lockbolt Systems = this guide contains high strength lockbolt fasteners (pin and collar fastening system) which provide exceptionally high performance for the most demanding of applications.
>>> Selection Guide POP Avdel Lockbolt Systems

Speed Fastening Systems = this is a unique assembly system designed for rapid, reliable fastening in medium to high volume applications. Speed Fasteners are single piece fasteners either magazine fed or fed by a vibrating bowl.
>>> Selection Guide Speed Fastening Systems

Threaded Inserts = a quick, reliable low cost way to insert high quality load bearing threads into weak or thin gauge materials.
>>> Selection Guide Threaded Inserts